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Fun new blogs.  Fun and new for me, at least:

  • DR. BOLI’S CELEBRATED MAGAZINE I like the cut of this man’s jib.  For instance, he includes in his justly celebrated magazine actual facts.  Which are not the same as, but very similar to, these actual facts.  He also has advertisements, one of which is eerily apposite of a post from earlier today:  
  • By way of Foseti, Patriactionary.  I was sold when I saw that they had a whole page called “Finnolatry.”  When I discovered that that page contains many, many videos of a Finnish metal band singing about alcohol, I immediately added them to the feed.

If the black market were a single national economy, it would be larger than every nation save only the US.

Jetpacks, dammit.  But the coolest thing in that article is this:

Jetpacks, sure.  But look at the egress – it’s a bouncy slide.  It looks something like a DC-X, and it seems that whoever came up with the idea thought that it would operate in the same way.  An SSTO capability implies a point-to-point transport to anywhere on earth.

Alrenous has an interesting post on the Genovesi, a proposed new category of human to exist alongside long-familiar Spartan and Athenian types.  I like it, but I have two questions:

  • Wars between Athenians and Spartans seem to be the particularly nasty ones.  Spartan-Spartan wars have a certain restraint – like the wars of the 18thC.  Would you imagine that the American Civil War and WWII were Spartan-Athenian wars?  And why the Athenian West managed not to have a war with faux-Athenian USSR?
  • What city would be most emblematic, and therefore deserving of being the namesake of the lumpenproletariat?  Off the top of my head, I would nominate Detroit or Youngstown, but what other cities would be appropriate?


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