Smoking, it’s all good.

The Hawaiian Libertarian drops a big post on the whole smoking is bad for you thing.

I don’t know what would piss off Mrs. Buckethead more – me continuing to smoke, or continuing to smoke and justifying on the basis that the government is lying.

There’s a few links in the article – ones that Aretae didn’t include in his posts on the subject a while back.

I think I will switch to American Spirits or the like, though. I’ve been smoking cowboy killers for too long. I don’t really want to go to the trouble of roll your own, and smoking organic would fit in (a bit, kind of) with my general trend toward healthier stuff.

[wik]: The other posts in the red pill series over at HL are all worth reading, if you haven’t already. And you should have. Slacker.


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  • Ken


    Roll your own? If you must use tobacco (I’m kind of a leaning-away agnostic), I recommend you *grow* your own. Tobacco is an input-intensive crop, but think of all the taxes you won’t pay. If I were to start, I would try to grow my own and get myself a good briar or two.

  • 2

    [...] update to my earlier smoking post – Smoking, it’s all good. I went into the local smoke shop to get some American Spirit smokes; explaining that for a while [...]

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