Of mild interest

As I catch up from the recent chaos, and prepare for yet more chaos, here’s some mildly interesting links I’ve collected over the last few days:

  • A history of computer symbols
  • Reverse Engineering the brain: I like Kurzweil, and I like the Singularity speculation, but while I think that progress will be made in this direction, I don’t think we’ll be quite there in 2020.
  • Good local music in DC:   The Rumpus, from a guest poster at Scalzi’s the whatever – I think I’d like to haul my ass out and see the Social D show, but circumstances will likely prevent that.  Plenty of music to check out and download illegally buy.
  • Some health news: On Vitamin D.  Muscle memory – I think I’ll start my son on a weight lifting regim tomorrow.  Low fiber western diets and good bacteria, two articles.
  • Actually of more than mild interest, but here because it’s not new material – Bruce Charlton’s got two compilations of his blog posts, The Decline of the West Explained, and The Story of Science.  Nice to have all that sorted out.
  • The Chinese are apparently colonizing Africa.  Good luck with that.
  • Over the top, perhaps, but fun.

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