Minister Buckethead

This is Buckethead’s page. This is not the page of the noted guitarist and fried chicken bucket-wearing Buckethead, but rather the page of noted internet diarist and blogger Buckethead.

Buckethead was raised a poor black sharecropper in suburban northern Ohio.

What to we know about Buckethead?  Currently, Buckethead is employed as a writer and IT gofer/analyst in the DC metro area.  He is an expert in moving large quantities of text onto the internets.  It’s even in his job title.   Buckethead is perpepetually engaged in writing a novel, and has come to the opinion that his fiction writing very nearly doesn’t suck.  He’d probably be done by now if he didn’t keep starting over.

Buckethead is married to Mrs. Buckethead, who is a singer in a most excellent bluegrass/americana band, and is the father of four exceptional, bright and cute children of various ages and genders.  Buckethead and his dependents live in Festung Buckethead, a fortress of solitude in the mountains west of our nation’s capitol.  He is heavily armed.