Another gem from Lileks

The Miracle of Science

In his most recent bleat, Lileks tosses this out:

When I hear a speech like Blair’s, I have to check the calendar. And the calendar is usually wrong. It may say 2/23, or 7/16, or 4/30. But I know what the date is, and the date is 9/12. It’s going to be 9/12 for a long time to come.

While I’m on the subject of Lileks, I should mention that we shamelessly stole the name of our blog from one of his bleats. 

Posted by Buckethead on 07/18 at 01:36 PM in War
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  1. ut uhhh *clearing throat* “plots I’ve laid down, inductions dangerous, with wit and lies, steeled with arguments, libels and dreams, to set my [fellow ministers] at hate with one another-paraphrased from ole William and his King Richard III).

    Does Richard here sound like George W. Bush, Jr.? Did not G-dubya, the younger, launch the most wicked plot to invade the oil fields of that region we call ancient Babylon? Did he not lie and say Suddam had WMDs? Did he not steel his policy with the arguments from Collin Powell fabricating intrigue, erstwhile, Secretary of State? Does the Patriot Act set Americans at hate with one another for one’s patriotism is another’s scorn?

    Posted by Urbane Banter  on  05/20  at  04:15 PM






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